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Oriental beauty tips

We all know how Shahrazad managed to delight the grate king Shahriyar, so she would not only stay alive but also cure her husband fears.  Apart from the grate narrative talent she was given, her pure beauty played a big role in her story teller, so she became from ages and generations the Idol of every woman and girl that loved the oriental mystery.
I am sure that many of us dreamed to be Shahrazad and to charm her prince with her stories… If maybe the time has passed and we don’t believe anymore in stories and that’s a pity… we still believe in beauty
Oriental women are known to pass this little secrets to their daughters…some kind of legacy that is left from generations from the most ancient times till our days…. Happily they didn’t stayed so secret and we got to find them also.

The Halawa (halva,helwa) method

One of the most valuable treasure that a woman has is her own skin and the most common method to keep it smooth and away from all unwanted hair is the use the Halawa Method… Very popular even now in the Arabic countries , so popular that became the „laitmotive ” of the Lebanese movie „Sukkar”- that tells the story of a group of ladies that work in a beauty center in the lebanese society that still tries to keep the step between tradition and modern times.

All you need is some sugar(normally brown but if you don’t have it even the white one can do), honey and some lemon juice. For each 10 tablespoons of sugar add one spoon of honey and one of water plus the juice of a half lemon. Put all this ingredients in one pan that you don’t use so much and put it on fire. Make sure that you mix it from time to time… don’t let it become too brown…and when you see it become more dense then a light syrup take off the fire. Dont let it cool too much because it will become hard. Make sure you have a clean and dry skin and with a spatula lay it on your skin and put over a cotton, clean cloth, take a deep breath,close your eyes and pull against the hair growth.
The only negative aspect of this epilation is that it might cause some irritations in the beginning so our dear friends use almond or olive oil to smooth the skin and calm down the pain.

Skin tips

Regenerating your skin will take out through your pours, the light that you have inside… in order to do so bring out this light we have to change skin… a bit like snakes… and here are some tips that the Oriental Harem odalisques keep secret in their Hammam.

1) For each tablespoon of honey add one tablespoon of fine sea salt and mix up very good. Take care that the honey gets harder in contact to the sea salt…. if you do it in a bowl try to keep the bowl into warm water so the honey keeps its liquidity. Put it all over your skin and with hard moves massage it and then wash it delicately with warm water.

2) Or if you like exotic flavors: 4 tablespoons of shredded coconut, natural yogurt and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. Mix all very good until it becomes a cream.

3) If you like strong flavors mix up 5 tablespoons of rice flour, 5 tablespoons of grounded coffee and 1 cup of natural and there it is… Don’t be scared if maybe your skin gets a little bit darker; it is because of the coffee and this mix works out perfectly for cellulite.

Hair tips

There is a saying in the Middle East: „The Beauty of a woman lays in her hair”. The most usual ingredient for the hair mask is yogurt so mix it with honey and olive oil, add it like a conditioner and keep it for 3 minutes covered in a plastic wrap.
Another magic mask take 100g of peeled almonds and pour over 2 glasses of warm milk, cover it and leave it over the night. Next day put it into a blander until gets consistency then warm it on a pan and then add it on your hair. Keep it half an hour then rinse your hair very carefully.

I use also a very good hair oil from UAE, Vatika, a coconut hair oil, enriched with Henna, Amla, Lemon and 5 other herbs. I apply this oil few minutes before washing my hair with shampoo. The oil protects my hair from oxidation, maintaining it’s natural colour, it streghtens the hair from root to tip and it controls sebum flow.

Eyes and lips tips

Eyes are the mirror of the soul….but to have those grate eyelashes like Arab girls, we need to understand a trick. Take the comb of an old mascara, wash it very well and put over it drops of olive oil or almond oil and pass it over like a normal mascara each evening before you sleep. Before sleeping also don’t forget your lips, massage them well with a toothbrush and then apply some honey over them like a lip balm.

Orient hides many beauty secrets, but besides all of it let’s not forget that true beauty comes from inside.

Many thanks to my friend DANYA, who wrote to me these great oriental tips about beauty and thought of sharing them with all of us women.

My oriental dream

Every girl has a dream…and mine starts with a house. Not just any house, but the house of my dreams and that’s the place where i want to spend all my life.  So, let’s talk about dreams!
My dream has the oriental touch, with a little bit of modern look and a lot of complexity. Who doesn’t dream of spending some unforgetfull arabian nights in a good company?
A house which has even a minimum of Arabic themed furniture and accessories will make you feel, if not like a sheikh, then you will definetely feel like the wealthy Bedouins.
arabic bedroom
REEDITION OF OLD DESIGN FLOOR - mediterranean porch
Private Residence in Los Angeles, 10,000sq.ft mediterranean patio

I found on internet these amazing pakistani chandeliers which gives to the room a different ambiance. The designs are made in such a way that it can reflect different light colors and a new oriental look to the room.

Great Room Transformation eclectic family room
Hillside Residence - Bedroom eclectic bedroom
Independence, MN traditional bathroom

InsideOut Arabic design workshop