My oriental dream

Every girl has a dream…and mine starts with a house. Not just any house, but the house of my dreams and that’s the place where i want to spend all my life.  So, let’s talk about dreams!
My dream has the oriental touch, with a little bit of modern look and a lot of complexity. Who doesn’t dream of spending some unforgetfull arabian nights in a good company?
A house which has even a minimum of Arabic themed furniture and accessories will make you feel, if not like a sheikh, then you will definetely feel like the wealthy Bedouins.
arabic bedroom
REEDITION OF OLD DESIGN FLOOR - mediterranean porch
Private Residence in Los Angeles, 10,000sq.ft mediterranean patio

I found on internet these amazing pakistani chandeliers which gives to the room a different ambiance. The designs are made in such a way that it can reflect different light colors and a new oriental look to the room.

Great Room Transformation eclectic family room
Hillside Residence - Bedroom eclectic bedroom
Independence, MN traditional bathroom

InsideOut Arabic design workshop

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