Channa Masala

On what occasion(s) this dish is suitable for.Ocazie: Ramadan Number of persons this dish serves.Portii: 4-5
What international cuisine this dish belongs to.Cuisine: Pakistani Number of Calories in dish.Calorii: ??
How much effort it takes to make this dish.Efort: Usor Pre-Preparation time. For example marinating etc.Pre-Prep timp: –
How is this dish served.Se serveste: Fierbinte Time it takes to prepare the dish.Timp preparare: 30 min

Channa Masala cunoscuta si sub denumirea de Chole este o reteta cu specific pakistanez, picanta.


  • 2 cutii de naut;
  • 1 ceapa maruntita;
  • 1 rosie taiata marunt;
  • 1 lingura de pasta de ghimbir;
  • 1 lingura pasta de usturoi;
  • 1 lingura pudra chilli;
  • 1 lingura garam masala;
  • sare;
  • ulei.

Mod de preparare:

Intr-o oala e prajeste ceapa, dupa care se adauga pasta de ghimbir si cea de usturoi.  Adaugam putina apa.

Se pune condimentul de chilli si sare amestecand continuu.

Adaugam rosia maruntita si lasam la foc mic pana se formeaza un sos consistent.

Adaugam nautul si apa cat cuprinde, punem la foc mic si acoperim oala timp de 10-15 minute. La sfarsit presaram garam masala si amestecam bine.

Se serveste fierbinte cu roti sau daca dorim channa pulao amestecam channa masala cu orez.
Pofta buna!!!

Channa Masala

Channa Pulao

Pakistan Fashion Week 2012

The most outstanding designs of Pakistani Fashion were presented at the begining of April 2012. Lots of color and different styles step in into our era and all the new tendences which are into fashion were on the stages of Karachi at Pakistani Fashion Week 2012.

Day 1

Bunto Kazmi

Ayesha Farooq Hashwani


Maheen Khan

Day 2

Seven Top Pakistan Designer Showcased their designs:

Day 3

Eight Top Pakistan Designer Showcased their designs:

Garlic Bread

Pentru o gustare reusita, Garlic Bread este alegerea perfecta. Desi la prima vedere pare o reteta usor migaloasa, nu este chiar asa. Se prepara rapid si rezultatul este cu mult peste asteptarile oricui. Ceea ce restaurantele ne ofera este nimic pe langa reteta pe care o putem prepara chiar noi acasa. Asa ca, tot ce ne trebuie sunt urmatoarele:


  • 1 paine bagheta/franzela;
  • 3-4 catei de usturoi;
  • unt/margarina;
  • oregano;
  • cascaval.

Mod de preparare:

Se taie bagheta/franzela in 2 jumatati, iar acestea se taie in lung astfel incat sa avem 4 „felii” de paine.

Usturoiul se face pasta si se amesteca cu 3 linguri de unt/margarina si oregano cat se doreste. Putem adauga si putina sare (fiecare dupa preferinte).

Intindem pasta obtinuta pe cele 4 felii de paine si se baga la cuptor timp de 10 minute.

Intre timp se rade cascavalul.

Dupa cele 10 minute, cascavalul se presara peste feliile de paine cat sa le acopere complet si se baga inca 2-3 minute la cuptor.

Voila!!! Gustarea este gata!

Bon apetit! 🙂

Beauty advices reminded me about some beauty advices which are known since ages from our mothers. It is like a legacy hand down from mother to their daughters.

Did you know that:

  1. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase  keeps ur hair healthy? Did you realise that sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, makes your hair all tangled and frizzy? Well this is not really healthy for your hair. This is one thing that leads to splits and falling of hair. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase might sound luxurious but what wouldn’t a woman do for keeping her hair sparkling of light and beauty? 🙂  
  2. Frowing and keeping a sad face can lead to wrinkles?   How many times did your mother advice you to smile more and not to keep a sad face? That is because if u make a habit out of it, you will get lines and wrinkles on your cute face. 🙂
  3. Too much make up makes you look older?   Even the make up artists advice us not to use too much of make up during the day. Extra make up can be used in the evening, to a party or a special event, and even at that time we need to take care not to become some kind of clowns. No one loves more than a natural face.                                       @Aliyah
  4. You need at least 8 hours of sleep?  I am sure all the women heard about beauty sleep, but did you know that deep sleep produce a hormone that helps  the body repair and regenerate cells?
  5. Don’t touch your face with hands! Did you know that on hands you find a lot of bacterias? People use to touch their face often with their palm hand. Well, that is not a healthy habit so try to quit this.
  6. Wash your face with cabbage water. Boil a piece of cabbage for 30 minutes, remove it and keep the water in which it boiled. Let it become cold and wash your face with it. Never wash your face with soap!

If you have more beauty tips please feel free to share them with me through a comment and I will put them in the article. You can write them in romanian too 🙂 I chose english so that my friends who don’t understand romanian can read the article.

„As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe