The art of Henna

These days I was thinking to do something different with henna, something that can be used later as decoration piece.  So I started to apply henna on candles and plates. I wonder where will I apply henna next. I am so content with the result that I am thinking to hall-mark some other kind of decorative objects.
by Aliyah Mcv

These candles are flower design using real Henna, crushing leaves of mignonette tree. The design is freehand painted without using stencils. These are quite unique and have natural Henna scent and fragrance. Along with there is addition of Glitter.

by Aliyah Mcv

Many people asked me if it is difficult to do this, how much time it takes. Many others might think that this is easy work and can be made by any person. Painting with henna on any object or even on the skin requires a lot of care, patience and accuracy.  If you have all this plus a little bit of talent then it should be no problem in making your own henna designs.

by Aliyah Mcv

by Aliyah Mcv

by Aliyah Mcv

For more henna designs you find me on facebook at the following adresse: LIKE!

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