The art of Henna

These days I was thinking to do something different with henna, something that can be used later as decoration piece.  So I started to apply henna on candles and plates. I wonder where will I apply henna next. I am so content with the result that I am thinking to hall-mark some other kind of decorative objects.
by Aliyah Mcv

These candles are flower design using real Henna, crushing leaves of mignonette tree. The design is freehand painted without using stencils. These are quite unique and have natural Henna scent and fragrance. Along with there is addition of Glitter.

by Aliyah Mcv

Many people asked me if it is difficult to do this, how much time it takes. Many others might think that this is easy work and can be made by any person. Painting with henna on any object or even on the skin requires a lot of care, patience and accuracy.  If you have all this plus a little bit of talent then it should be no problem in making your own henna designs.

by Aliyah Mcv

by Aliyah Mcv

by Aliyah Mcv

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Aliyah’s Mehndi

It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.”  ― Vincent van Gogh

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Henna-istorie si origine

Arta henna (numita mehndi in urdu si hindi) se practica de mai bine de 5000 de ani in Pakistan, India, Africa si Orientul Mijlociu. Exista documente vechi de mai bine de 9000 de ani ce atesta existenta hennei. Datorita proprietatilor de racire ale hennei, oamenii desertului au utilizat henna timp de secole pentru a-si racori corpul. Acestia faceau o pasta din henna in care isi puneau palmele si talpile pentru a obtine un efect de racire. Senzatia de racire persista atata timp cat henna isi pastreaza culoarea pe corp.

In Antichitate, in Egipt mumiile aveau modele de henna, iar documentele arata ca insasi Cleopatra folosea modele de henna pentru infrumusetare.

Henna nu era doar un mod de infrumusetare pentru cei bogati, ci si pentru cei saraci care nu isi permiteau bijuterii, apeland la henna pentru a-si decora mainile si picioarele.

Henna in Occident

Acum oamenii din intreaga lume au adoptat aceste traditii antice si apeleaza ori de cate ori este nevoie la arta henna, acoperindu-si parti ale corpului cu diverse design-uri. Henna a devenit un fashion icon in anii ’90 in America si de atunci popularitatea tatuajelor cu henna e in continua crestere. Celebritati precum Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Yasmine Bleeth, Liv Tyler, Xena, si multe altele au aparut in public cu modele de henna pe corp. Acum traditia cu henna a fost adoptata in totalitate de occidentali, iar la nunti femeile isi decoreaza mainile si picioarele cu henna, atunci cand femeile sunt gravide isi fac model cu henna pe burtica, in timpul chimioterapiei isi impodobesc capul cu henna, iar cicatricile capata o noua forma.


Henna detine o adevarata traditie in Africa, Pakistan, India si Orientul Mijlociu. Aceasta este utilizata ori de cate ori se sarbatoreste ceva, la nunti, la petreceri, zile de nastere, etc. Una dintre cele mai cunoscute traditii este Noaptea Mehndi (Henna) cand mireasa sarbatoreste impreuna cu familie, rude si prieteni nunta ce urmeaza sa se apropie. Aceasta noapte este una speciala intrucat viitoarei mirese in timp ce i se pune henna pe maini si picioare, are parte de jocuri, dans si multa voie buna din partea celor dragi. Modelele de henna pentru mireasa pot dura si cateva ore bune, in functie de cat de complicat este design-ul, iar acest lucru este facut de cele mai multe ori de multipli artisti henna. Oaspetii primesc si ei modele henna dar mai simple si doar pe mana.

Pana la nunta viitoarea mireasa nu are voie sa faca deloc treaba prin casa pentru ca henna sa reziste cat mai mult posibil. Traditia spune ca daca henna isi pastreaza culoarea cat mai inchisa, nunta va fi reusita, iar soacra buna.


Henna by Aliyah

„Decorate your eyes with kohl, your fingers with henna – you will thus be more pleasing in the eyes of God, for you will be more loved by your husbands.”                                  ~Arab Poem~

Did you know that?! – The henna plant has significant barkat(blessing) attached to it.  Henna occupies a unique place in the Muslim world.  Mohammed(saws) was using henna to dye his beard; Prophet’s favourite flower was henna.


Another henna design

I’m back… After a long time of break from blogging I have some new articles. The only thing missing and keeping me away from writting is TIME.

Time is really flying by and we don’t get to do everything that we have planned.

I took a break from all this internet thing, except the time when I’m at work and I do need to use it. I got involved  more into reading books and cooking but this doesn’t mean I don’t have ideas for writting articles. It’s just that I didn’t have time and sometimes ideas are not enough.

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Mehndi by Aliyah

Mehndi hearts

Pakistani/Arabic Henna

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